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Radio Physics and Radio Astronomy

Vol. 3, No.1      March, 1998

A.V. Arkhipov New Approaches to Problem of Search of Extraterrestrial Intelligence 

V.N. Mel’nik Plasma Theory of Radar Signal Reflection from Sun. 1. Scattering Processes in Anisotropic Langmuir Turbulence  12 

V.N. Mel’nik Plasma Theory of Radar Signal Reflection from Sun.2. Analysis and Interpretation of James’s Radar Experiments  22 

A.A. Boeva Cylindrical Explosion in Nonhomogeneous Plasma Atmosphere with Magnetic Field  28 

B.V. Lazebny, Y.V. Aristov, V.E. Paznukhov and A.G. Rokhman Suppression of Local Interferences while Observing Shumann Resonances  33 

O.I. Sukharevsky and G.S. Zalevsky Electromagnetic Waves Scattering by Resonant Objects Buried in a Dielectric Half-Space  37 

A.G. Boev, G.E. Karvitsky, A.Ya. Matveev and B.N. Cimbal Estimate of Oil Film Parameters on Sea Surface by Means of Multifrequency Radaring  43 

K.Yu. Bliokh About Influence of Plasma Inhomogeneity on Plasma-Beam Instability  49 

N.A. Azarenkov, I.B. Denisenko, A.V. Gapon and V.F. Klepikov Surface Wave Gas Discharge between Two Metal Planes in External Magnetic Field  61 

A.V. Gribovskiy Moment Method in Two-Dimensional Problem of Electrostatics  68 

A.V. Gribovskiy Space Charge Field between Flat Infinite Screens with Finite Number of Slots  73 

V.G. Galushko Bispectral Analysis of Quadratic Type Transformation of Random Processes  80 

N.N. Gorobets, Yu.N. Gorobets and V.M. Dakhov Directional Characteristics of Travelling Wave Antennas with Two-Sided Excitation  87 

N.Yu. Bliznyuk Modelling Coaxially Excited Circular Patch Antenna  92 

L.M. Buzik, O.F. Pishko, S.A. Churilova and O.I. Sheremet Analysis of Dispersion Characteristics of Finite Width Open Multi-Step Slow-Waves Systems  99 

N.P. Yeliseyeva Radiation Resistance of Arbitrarily Oriented Electric Dipole over Plane Screen  105 

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