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Radio Physics and Radio Astronomy

Vol. 2, No.3      September, 1997

G.P. Milinevsky Scientific Researches at Ukrainian Antarctic Station Vernadsky  255 

Yu.M. Yampolski, V.S. Веleу, S.B. Kascheev, B.V. Lazebny, V.E. Paznukhov and A.G. Rokhman Cross Modulation Effect of Schumann Resonances  267 

V.V. Kouzmin and V.G. Sougak On Possibility of Radiophysical Monitoring of Upper Earth Subsurface Structure  274 

A.G. Boev and G.E. Karvitsky On Theory of Radar Sea Contrast in Presence of Surface-Active Film. I. Resonant scattering  281 

A.G. Boev and G.E. Karvitsky On Theory of Radar Sea Contrast in Presence of Surface-Active Film. II. Small Incidence Angles  288 

V.B. Tolubko and V.M. Bilchuk Mathematical Game Theory Approach to Solution of Problems of Planet Radar Monitoring  292 

V.N. Mel'nik On Influence of Electric Field on Electron Beams Propagation into Solar Magnetic Arches  298 

Z.T. Nazarchuk and O.I. Ovsyannikov Efficient Technique to Solution of SIE in Scattering Theory  302 

N.N. Kolchigin, S.N. Pivnenko and V.M. Lomakin Influence of Losses in Dielectric Half-Space on Characteristics of Reflected 3D Pulsed Wave Beam  318 

A.A. Kostenko Comparative Analysis of Parameters of 1D Small-Period Diffraction Gratings at MM and SubMM Waves  323 

S.V. Boriskina and A.I. Nosich Numerical Analysis of Surface-Wave Filters Based on a Whispering-Gallery-Mode Dielectric Resonator and a Slitted Metal Cavity  333 

S.A. Pogarsky Excitation of Regular Geometry Multimode Resonators  342 

V.V. Kulish and A.G. Kailyuk Generation on Subharmonics in Cyclotron Resonance Maser  347 

A.A. Galuza and A.S. Mazmanishvili Time Characteristics of Impulse Passing through Non-Homogeneous and Non-Dissipative Medium  353 

V.V. Ilyushin, E.A. Alekseev, S.F. Dyubko, O.I. Baskakov and S.V. Podnos MM-Wave Spectrum of Acetic Acid (A-Type Transitions)  359 

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