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Radio Physics and Radio Astronomy

Vol. 12, No.2      June, 2007

Radio Physics of Geospace
A.L. Akimov, L.A. Akimov and L.F. Chernogor Turbulence Parameters in the Atmosphere Associated with Solar Eclipses  117 

A.G. Khantadze, A.I. Gvelesiani and G.V. Jandieri Large-Scale Vortex Structures of Planetary Scale in Ionosphere Levels  135 

Propagation, Diffraction and Scattering of Electromagnetic Waves
V.B. Kazanskiy and V.R. Tuz Electrodynamics of a Regular Composite Medium with Plate Grates of Magnetodielectric and Contrast Materials  152 

Statistical Radio Physics
O.V. Lazorenko and L.F. Chornogor The System Spectral Analysis: Theoretical Bases and Practical Applications  162 

O.V. Lazorenko, S.V. Lazorenko and L.F. Chernogor Wavelet Analysis of the Model Signals with Peculiarities. 1. Continuous Wavelet Transform  182 

Dynamic Chaos in Radio Physics and Electronics
E.A. Alekseev and V.V. Zakharenko Direct Digital Synthesizer at the Microwave Spectroscopy  205 

Radio Physics and Electronics Applications
O.A. Suvorova and Yu.F. Filippov Triple Layered Ball Resonator for Measuring Dielectric Permittivity of Substances  214 

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