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Radio Physics and Radio Astronomy

Vol. 12, No.1      March, 2007

Radio Astronomy and Astrophysics
O.M. Ulyanov, A. Deshpande, , Zakharenko, A. Asgekar and U. Shankar Two-Frequency Observations of Six Pulsars Using UTR-2 and GEETEE Radio Telescopes 

Radio Physics of Geospace
V.N. Lisachenko, Y.M. Zanimonskiy, Yu.M. Yampolski and P. Wielgosz Investigation of Ionospheric Total Electron Content Variations in the Antarctic Peninsula Region  20 

А.V. Zalizovski and Yu.M. Yampolski The Spread-F Effect as an Indicator of Troposphere – Ionosphere Coupling  33 

Propagation, Diffraction and Scattering of Electromagnetic Waves
V.P. Tishkovets Radiation Diffuse Scattering by a Densely Packed Layer of Spherical Particles  43 

A.V. Gribovsky EM Wave Polarization Transformation by a Reflectarray of Variable-Length Shorted Rectangular Waveguides  55 

Statistical Radio Physics
S.V. Panasenko and L.F. Chernogor Optimal Detection and Optimal Estimation of the Parameters of Short-Term Quasi-Periodic Processes  61 

Radio Physical Problems of Radar, Radio Navigation, Communications and Remote Sensing
A.S. Mikhailov and N.V. Ruzhentsev Peculiarities of Global EM Wave Distribution within 10–1000 GHz  76 

Physics of Electron Devices
A.M. Korolev and V.M. Shulga Ultra-Low-Noise Cryogenic PHEMT Amplifiers  84 

Men of Science
A.O. Minakov, V.G. Sinitsin and Yu.M. Yampolski Pavlo Viktorovych Bliokh (to his 85th anniversary)  93 

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