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Radio Physics and Radio Astronomy

Vol. 11, No.1      March, 2006

Radio Astronomy and Astrophysics
V.M. Kontorovich The Linear and Nonlinear Waves (Basic Introduction to the Theory with Plasma Physics and Astrophysics Applications). Part II. Stochastic Approach 

I.S. Falkovich, А.А. Konovalenko, N.N. Kalinichenko, М.R. Olyak, А.А. Gridin, I.N. Boobnov, А. Lecacheux and H.O. Rucker Variations of Parameters of Solar Wind Sream Structure outside 1 AU in 2003-2004  31 

E.Yu. Bannikova and V.M. Kontorovich Toroidal Vortex as an Active Galactic Nuclei Structure Element  42 

Radio Physics of Geospace
G.V. Lizunov and A.K. Fedorenko Atmospheric Gravity Waves Generation by Solar Terminator According to “Atmosphere Explorer-E” Satellite Data  49 

Antennas, Waveguides and Quasioptics
N.N. Gorobets and N.P. Yeliseyeva Analysis of Electrodynamic Characteristics of a Vertical Dipole Placed on the Metal Plane with Salient Screen for the Whole Space Observed  63 

Physics of Electron Devices
I.I. Eru Low-Noise Submillimeter Coherent Receiver Systems (State-of-the-Art and Development Trends)  73 

V.I. Piddyachiy, D.V. Piddyachiy and V.M. Shulga Nonlinear Analysis of Millimeter-Wave Schottky Diode Mixers  88 

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