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Radio Physics and Radio Astronomy

Vol. 10, No.5      Special issue, 2005

Radio Astronomy and Astrophysics
A.V. Megn Ukraine’s Studies of an Angular Structure of Space Radio Sources with Decameter Wavelength Interferometers 

O.O. Konovalenko, I.S. Falkovich, L.M. Lytvynenko, A.S. Nabatov, A.G. Petrenko, О.P. Fedorov, А.B. Kamelin, S.V. Malevinskyi, І.E. Molotov, А.F. Dement’ev, B.N. Lipatov, M.B. Nechaeva, J. Tukkari, Sh. Lu, Yu.N. Gorshenkov and V.M. Agapov Radar VLBI Investigations Using RT-70 Radio Telescope  20 

V.M. Shulga, L.M. Lytvynenko and V.V. Myshenko Some Development Stages in the Millimeter Wavelength Radioastronomy Observations at the Institute of Radio Astronomy NAS-Ukraine   45 

V.N. Melnik Solar Efforts of the Institute of Radio Astronomy NAS–Ukraine  54 

A.O. Minakov The Space Radio Physics Department of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine  74 

O.O. Konovalenko Low-Frequency Radio Astronomy Prospects  86 

Radio Physics of Geospace
Yu.M. Yampolski Radio Science of the Geospace: Research at the Institute of Radio Astronomy, NAS-Ukraine  115 

L.G. Sodin  Some Problems of the Phased Array Theory Relevant in Radio Astronomy  128 

Physics of Electron Devices
I.I. Eru and V.M. Schulga  Formation and Development of Microwave Quantum Radio Physics and Quantum Electronics in Ukraine  143 

Radio Spectroscopy
V.V. Ilyushin, E.A. Alekseev, S.F. Dyubko and R.A. Motiyenko Laboratory Investigations of Molecular Spectra at the Institute of Radio Astronomy NAS–Ukraine  160 

Propagation, Diffraction and Scattering of Electromagnetic Waves
L.M. Lytvynenko, S.L. Prosvirnin and K. Schuenemann Wave Diffraction by Periodic Multilayered Structures  186 

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