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Radio Physics and Radio Astronomy

Vol. 10, No.4      December, 2005

Radio Astronomy and Astrophysics
A.G. Boev Electrons and Ions in the Jove–Iо Current Tube. Part I. Temperatures and Number Density.  351 

A.G. Boev Electrons and Ions in the Jove-Io Current Tube. Part II. Electron Runaway. Active Longitudes.  367 

A.E. Volvach, , M.G. Larionov and H.D. Aller The cm and mm Variability of the Blazar Radiant Flux  377 

M.R. Olyak On the Peculiarities of the Analysis-of-Variance Method Application in the Decameter Wavelength Study of Solar Wind.  385 

I.S. Falkovich, A.A. Gridin, N.N. Kalinichenko and I.N. Bubnov Sixteen-Band Correlation Radiometer for IPS Observations  392 

Propagation, Diffraction and Scattering of Electromagnetic Waves
N.G. Don, A.A. Kirilenko and V.I. Tkachenko Numerical Implementation of Algorithms for Calculating Waveguides of Compound Cross-Sections with Smooth Boundaries and Waveguide Junctions.  398 

M.V. Nesterenko Electromagnetic Wave Scattering by Variable Surface Impedance Thin Vibrators  408 

A.A. Zvyagintsev, A.I. Ivanov and D.V. Katkov Numerical Calculation of Diffraction Coefficients in the Electromagnetic Wave Scattering by a Curvilinear.  418 

Antennas, Waveguides and Quasioptics
A.V. Gribovsky A New Technique for Scanning by the Pattern of a Two-Element Phased Array of Rectangular Waveguides.  425 

Radio Physical Problems of Radar, Radio Navigation, Communications and Remote Sensing
A.S. Bryukhovetski Radar Reflection from Acoustic Pulse  432 

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