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Radio Physics and Radio Astronomy

Vol. 10, No.3      September, 2005

Radio Astronomy and Astrophysics
V.N. Melnik, A.A. Konovalenko, V.V. Dorovskyy, E.P. Abranin, V.N. Lisachenko, H.O. Rucker and A. Lecacheux “Drift Pair” Solar Bursts at Decameter Wavelengths  231 

N.M. Vasilenko, D.V. Muha, M.A. Sidorchuk and K.M. Sidorchuk Making and Processing the Northern Sky Radio Maps Based on the Continuum Survey with the UTR-2 Radio Telescope  244 

Radio Physics of Geospace
V.P. Burmaka, L.F. Chernogor and Y.V. Tcherniak Geospace Wave Disturbances Accompanying “Soyuz” and “Proton” Launches and Flights  254 

Propagation, Diffraction and Scattering of Electromagnetic Waves
S.N. Vorobyov, L.M. Lytvynenko and S.L. Prosvirnin Operator Method in Electromagnetic Wave Diffraction by Semi-Infinite Strip Gratings  273 

L.A. Pazynin Electromagnetic Wave Propagation through a Biisotropic Transition Layer  284 

Antennas, Waveguides and Quasioptics
A.V. Gribovsky and S.L. Prosvirnin Surface Wave Excitation of a Two-Element Phased Array of Rectangular Waveguides  291 

N.N. Gorobets and A.P. Udovenko Radiation Pattern of an Open-Ended Transmission Line with Impedance Boundaries  297 

I.K. Kuz’michev Open Resonator Representation Equivalents  303 

M.V. Nesterenko, V.A. Katrich and V.M. Dakhov Radiation Field of a Thin Horizontal Impedance Vibrator in the Lossy Half-Infinite Medium over Perfectly Conducting Plane  314 

Radio Physical Problems of Radar, Radio Navigation, Communications and Remote Sensing
V.G. Gutnik, V.N. Gorobets, A.V. Gutnik and A.S. Kurekin Some Features of Microwave Backscatter by Hydrodynamic Formations of Surface Objects  325 

Radio Physics and Electronics Applications
F.M. Hammoud, V.P. Gerasimov and Yu.E. Gordienko Microwave Dielectric Permeability of Disperse Water Content Environments  334 

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