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Radio Physics and Radio Astronomy

Vol. 2, No.2      June, 1997

A.S. Bryukhovetski and L.A. Pazynin Effective Impedance of Statistically Rough Sphere: I. General Case  119 

A.S. Bryukhovetski and L.A. Pazynin Effective Impedance of Statistically Rough Sphere: II. Case of Large Sphere  127 

K.M. Yemelyanov, S.B. Nikitskiy and O.A. Tretyakov Electromagnetic Step Signal Propagation in Lossy Waveguide  137 

P.V. Bloikh Variations of Electric Fields and Currents in Low Ionosphere Produced by Air Conductivity Growth over Region of Forthcoming Earthquake  146 

V.M. Kartashev and E.S. Shmatko Method of Observation of Cosmic Very High Energy g-Quants by Means of Registration of Impulses of Extensive Air Showers Coherent Radio Emission  152 

V.M. Kartashev, A.V. Lazarev, D.V. Soroka and E.S. Shmatko Synchrotron Radio Emission Bursts of Electrons Precipitating from Earth's Inner Radiation Belt  165 

N.A. Tsvyk Mechanisms Forming Negative Curvature Spectra of Discrete Decameter Radio Sources  175 

A.A. Konovalenko, K.P. Sokolov and S.V. Stepkin Determination of Optimum Operating Frequencies for Observations with UTR-2 Radio Telescope in the Sky Surveying Mode  188 

P.V. Bliokh and V.V. Yaroshenko Nonlinear Waves in Dusty Self-Gravitational Plasma  199 

S.A. Pogarsky Insulated Image Guide Eigenmode Diffraction by Semi-Infinite Structure of Microstrip Resonators  204 

A.A. Galuza and A.S. Mazmanishvili On EM Impulse Passed Through Homogeneous Dissipative Diffusive Media Time Characteristics  211 

L.G. Velichko and Yu.K. Sirenko Synthesis of Reflecting Gratings with Arbitrary Profile  214 

O.A. Tretyakov and S.V. Chumachenko Oscillations in Resonator with Non-Stationary Dielectric  220 

Yu.V. Arkusha, E.D. Prokhorov and I.P. Storozhenko Influence of Temperature on Energy and Frequency Characteristics of mm-Waves Heterocathode Gunn Diodes  230 

F.G. Bass Can Physics Be Constructed Axiomatically?  236 

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