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Radio Physics and Radio Astronomy

Vol. 10, No.1      March, 2005

Radio Astronomy and Astrophysics
B.V. Vasilchuk, V.P. Vlasenko, R.N. Zaluzhnyj, V.N. Nesteruk, A.A. Sorokin and A.M. Tsyukh Optical Techniques of Calibration and Alignment of Radiotelescope Sections 

Radio Physics of Geospace
A.V. Koloskov, V.G. Bezrodny, O.V. Budanov, V.Ye. Paznukhov and Y.M. Yampolski Polarization Monitoring of the Schumann Resonances in the Antarctic and Reconstruction of the World Thunderstorm Activity Characteristics  11 

P.V. Silin, A.V. Zalizovski and Y.M. Yampolski Ionospheric Spread-F Effects as Observed at the Antarctic Base “Akademik Vernadsky”  30 

S.V. Panasenko and L.F. Chernogor Mesospheric Radar Observations of Quasi-Periodic Processes. 2. Observation Method and Results  38 

Propagation, Diffraction and Scattering of Electromagnetic Waves
N.V. Sydorchuk and V.V. Yachyn Electromagnetic Wave Scattering by a Double-Periodic Magnetodielectric Layer  50 

Statistical Radio Physics
O.V. Lazorenko and L.F. Chernogor Fractal Ultra-Wideband Signals  62 

Antennas, Waveguides and Quasioptics
D.G. Seleznyov, I.I. Reznik and A.D. Seleznyov Microstrip Antenna Arrays with Dielectric Covering  85 

A.V. Gribovsky Transformation of Electromagnetic Field Polarization by Flat Two-Element Screen of Finite Thickness Perforated by Waveguide Channels of Rectangular Cross-Section  92 

Microwave Phenomena in Devices, Components and Systems of Scientific Instruments
S.V. Plaksin and I.I. Sokolovskiy Gunn Diode Millimetre-Wave Frequency Shift Mixer-Amplifier  98 

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