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Radio Physics and Radio Astronomy

Vol. 8, No.2      June, 2003

N.N. Gerasimova, V.G. Sinitsin and Yu.M. Yampolski On a Non-Linear Interaction of MHD Waves with Small-Scale Ionospheric Irregularities  117 

S.I. Martynenko A Method for Remote Sensing of Ionospheric Disturbances from Large Mesospheric Electric Fields  127 

V.G. Galushko and G.V. Litvinenko Anaysis of Applicability of Isotropic Approximation in a Problem of Frequency-and-Angular Sounding of Ionosphere  137 

V.P. Burmaka, L.S. Kostrov and L.F. Chernogor Statistics of Signals of HF Doppler Radar Probing the Bottomside Ionosphere Disturbed by Rocket Launches and Solar Terminator  143 

K.P. Garmash, S.G. Leus, S.A. Pazura, S.N. Pokhil’ko and L.F. Chernogor Statistics of Terrestrial Electromagnetic Field Fluctuation  163 

V.G. Gutnik, G.P. Kulemin, L.I. Sharapov and E.A. Goroshko Sea Radar Backscattering Intensity for Small Grazing Angles  181 

B.P. Yefimov, K. Ilyenko, T.Yu. Yatsenko and V.O. Goryashko The oretical Model and Experimental Detection of Resonant Output in Free Electron Laser  190 

O.V. Sytnik Algorithm for Detection and Identification of Slow Targets  199 

M.V. Nesterenko Electromagnetic Radiation of Thin Impedance Vibrators in Homogeneous Isotropic Dissipative Medium  207 

N.V. Barkhudaryan, S.E. Vazhinsky, V.A. Vasilets, A.Z. Sazonov and O.I. Sukharevsky Mathematical Modeling Bearing Process in Near Zone of Complex Extended Object  217 

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