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Radio Physics and Radio Astronomy

Vol. 8, No.1      March, 2003

A.N. Kryshtal Low-Frequency Wave Instabilities in Magnetized Collisional Plasma with Longitudinal Electric Field and Weak Inhomogeneity of Density 

A.M. Korolev and V.M. Shulga Ultra-Low-Noise Operation of Broadband Uncooled PHEMT Amplifier in Ultrahigh-Frequency Band  21 

I.I. Eru Quasioptical Diplexing at Short Millimeter Waves  28 

N.V. Ruzhentsev Radiation Features of Cloudiness at Millimeter Waves  38 

G.I. Koshovy Electromagnetic Characteristics of the Simplest Strip System  45 

D.G. Seleznyov, I.I. Reznik and A.D. Seleznyov Microstrip Antenna Arrays Composed of Rectangular Radiators  52 

L.F. Chernogor Physics of Earth, Atmosphere, and Geospace from the Standpoint of System Paradigm  59 

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