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Radio Physics and Radio Astronomy

Vol. 7, No.4      December, 2002

I.J. Immoreev Main Capabilities and Features of Ultra Wideband (UWB) Radars  339 

Carl E. Baum Symmetry in Single-Polarization Reflector Impulse Radiating Antennas  345 

V.V. Krymsky Application of the Nanosecond Pulses  351 

L.Yu. Astanin, A.A. Kostylev and A.A. Fliorova On the Basic Concepts of UWB Radar Scan  355 

A.L. Gutman Propagation of Short Pulses in Plasma Half-Space (Ionosphere)  359 

H.F. Harmuth and K.A. Lukin Propagation of Short Electromagnetic Pulses through Nonconducting Media with Electric and Magnetic Dipole Currents  362 

I.I. Magda, A.V. Paschenko, I.M. Shapoval and V.E. Novikov Structure and Application of ATDP Suite for Electronic System States Detection and Evolution Operator Restoration  364 

L.D. Bakhrakh, V.F. Los' and A.N. Shamanov Ultra Wideband Dipole Antenna  368 

N.N. Gorobets, A.N. Dumin and O.A. Dumina About Radiation of Short Pulses by Wire Antenna of Finite Length  372 

V.I. Zamyatin and G.V. Yermakov The Definition of the Time-Space and Power Performances of the Ultrawideband Antennas  375 

G.P. Pochanin, I.E. Pochanina, P.V. Kholod and S.A. Masalov The Experiments on Radiation of Short Pulse Signals by the Large Current Radiators of Dr. H. F. Harmuth  379 

O.O. Drobakhin and Y.V. Kondratyev Using Alternative Aperture Geometry Horn Antennas in Wide-Band Multifrequency Measurements  385 

I.J. Immoreev and A.N. Sinyavin Radiation of Ultra-Wideband (UWB) Signals  389 

A.Yu. Butrym, V.A. Katrich, O.V. Kazansky, N.N. Kolchigin and S.N. Pivnenko Time-Domain Modeling of Short Pulses Radiation with Aperture Decomposition Method  394 

T.V. Gavrilova and Yu.B. Sidorenko Diffraction of Modulated Electromagnetic Impulses on Periodical Grating  398 

A.V. Malyuskin and S.N. Shulga Transient Electromagnetic Wave Scattering from Dispersive Anisotropic Layered Medium  401 

I.J. Immoreev and S.V. Samkov Ultra-Wideband (UWB) Radar for the Remote Measuring of Main Parameters of Patient's Vital Activity  404 

I.J. Immoreev and D.V. Fedotov Detection of Ultrawideband Radar Signals Scattered from Complex Targets  408 

A.A. Belikov, R.V. Kozhyn, B.V. Trush, D.M. Vavriv and V.A. Volkov Magnetron Transmitters for High-Resolution Radars  413 

V.B. Avdeev Radar Range Equation for Ultra Wideband Signals and Ultra Short Pulses  415 

O.I. Sukharevsky, G.S. Zalevsky and A.V. Muzychenko Mathematical Simulation of Ultra Wideband Signals Scattered by Mines Buried in Ground. Algorithms of Mine Detection and Identification  420 

P.V. Kholod and V.P. Ruban The Sampler of the Videopulse Georadar  424 

L.F. Chernogor and O.V. Lazorenko Reflection of the Ultra-Wideband Signals from Plasma Layers  431 

L.A. Varyaniza-Roshchupkina and V.O. Kovalenko Pulse Scattering on Objects in the Inhomogeneous Conducting Medium  435 

V.I. Kravchenko, V.V. Knyazyev, G.M. Koliushko and L.V. Vavriv New IEC Standards Requirements to the Parameters of Powerful Electromagnetic Pulsed Disturbances  441 

V.A. Balakirev, I.N. Onishchenko, D.Yu. Sidorenko and G.V. Sotnikov Ultra-Short Pulse Excitation in a Semi-Infinite Waveguide by a Relativistic Electron Bunch  444 

A.A. Serkov Effect of Ultra-Short Pulse Signals on Information System Survivability  449 

H. Deng Dispersive Effect Correction for Ultra-Short Impulse Signals Using Joint Time-Frequency Transforms  451 

O.A. Tretyakov Evolution Equations for the Time-Domain Modes in Lossy Waveguides  455 

O. Drobakhin, M. Andreev, A. Novomlinov, V. Korotkaya and A. Sazonov Modification of the Gelfand-Levitan Method for 1-D Multylaered Structure Inverse Problem  459 

M.V. Andreev, O.O. Drobakhin and K.A. Demyantchuk Accelerated Algorithm of Least-Sguares Approximation of Signals by Exponentials for Wideband Frequency-Domain Reflectometry  462 

I.J. Immoreev and A.A. Sudakov Ultra-Wideband Communication System with High Data Rate  466 

L.F. Chernogor, O.V. Lazorenko and S.V. Lazorenko Wavelet Analysis and Ultra Wideband Signals  471 

A.A. Zvyagintsev, A.I. Ivanov and D.V. Katkov Impulse Source in the Vicinity of a Convex Impedance Body: Minimization of the Field in the Shadow Region  475 

A.N. Titov Some Aspects Concerning the Designing of Ultrawideband and Pulse Antennas  479 

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