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Radio Physics and Radio Astronomy

Vol. 7, No.3      September, 2002

I.S. Falkovich and N.N. Kalinichenko Algorithm for Estimation of Power Spectrum of Interplanetary Scintillations  225 

A.V. Kats Variational Principles and Canonical Variables for MHD Flows with Breaks. I  232 

А.V. Antonov, Yu.M. Gerasimov and N.V. Ruzhentsev Application of Iterative Method to Reconstruction of Parameters of Fissile Solar Derivations from Observations at 3-mm Wave Band  246 

I.I. Zalyubovsky, V.M. Kartashev, V.E. Kovtun, O.K. Minko and E.S. Shmatko Magnetoinductive Effect of Electron-Photon Showers Developing in Large Thickness Ice  254 

P.L. Mladyonov and S.L. Prosvirnin Electromagnetic Wave Diffraction by Two-Periodic Grating of Continuous Curvilinear Metal Strips  265 

A.M. Korolev Peculiarities of FET Matching for Low-Noise Operation in Decimeter Range  273 

V.A. Katrich, S.A. Martynenko and L.P. Yatsuk Energy Сharacteristics of System of Two Tilted Slots in Rectangular Waveguide Narrow Wall  289 

S.B. Panin and A.Ye. Poyedinchuk Polarization Conversion on a Grating with Chiral Layer  296 

N.N. Gorobets and N.P. Yeliseyeva Radiation of a Dipole with Different Orientation Respecting to Halfplane Edge  305 

Yu.G. Makeev and A.P. Motornenko Nondestructive Method of Measurement of Dielectric Parameters at Microwaves  315 

D.L. Grekov, N.А. Аzarenkov, А.А. Bizyukov and V.P. Olefir Radiation Pattern in PR-1 Machine  321 

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