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Radio Physics and Radio Astronomy

Vol. 2, No.1      March, 1997

L.G. Sodin Pulse Radiation of Antenna 

A.V. Megn and S.Ya. Braude Several Studies of Physical Parameters Determination of Radio Sources with Reabsorption  16 

L.G. Grechko, A.Ya. Blank, V.V. Motrich, A.A. Pinchuk and L.V. Garanina Dielectric Function of Matrix Disperse Systems with Metallic Inclusions. Account of Multipole Interaction between Inclusions  19 

L.G. Grechko, A.Ya. Blank, O.A. Panchenko and A.A. Pinchuk Resonant Absorption of Electromagnetic Radiation in Matrix Disperse Systems with Metallic Inclusions  28 

N.N. Beletskij and E.A. Gasan Influence of Depletion Transition Layers on Surface Polaritons in Semiconductor Films  35 

O.V. Bondarenko and V.B. Kazanskij Resonance Selector-Transformer of Guide Waves  42 

A.V. Gribovsky, S.L. Prosvirnin and I.I. Reznik Reflecting Phased Array Antenna Consisting of Rectangular Waveguides of Finite Depth  52 

D.G. Seleznyov, I.I. Reznik and O.I. Yanson Rectangular Microstrip Antennas on Second Current's Mode  61 

Z.E. Eremenko, Yu.F. Filipov and S.N. Khar'kovskii Interaction of Electromagnetic Oscillations in Layered Resonance Structures  66 

P. Drabich Mathematical Modelling and Synthesis of Calculating Devices for Random Process Estimation on Basis of Heterogeneous Difference Equations  73 

Y.K. Sirenko and N.P. Yashina Operator Method for Non-Stationary Theory of Waveguide Open Resonators  78 

S.O. Masalov and O.O. Puzanov Sounding of Layered Dielectric Structures with Video Pulses  85 

E.P. Abranin, Yu.M. Bruk, V.V. Zakharenko and A.A. Konovalenko Structure and Parameters of New System of Antenna Amplification of Radio Telescope UTR-2  95 

M.I. Bazaleev, I.G. Evseev, V.F. Klepikov, V.V. Litvinenko and M.G. Shevchenko Detectors for Registration of Electron Radiation Fluxes in Near- Earth Space  103 

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