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Radio Physics and Radio Astronomy

Vol. 6, No.4      December, 2001

Ya.M. Sobolev Influence of Magnetic Line Curvature on Spectrum and Polarization of Synchrotron Radiation of a Charged Particle  277 

A.G. Boev, A.A. Yantsevich and N.N. Yasnitskaja Electron Distribution Functions and Electric Field in Io Plasma Torus  291 

A.V.  Zalizovski, V.G.  Sinitsin and Yu.M.  Yampolski Polarization of Pc3/Pc4 Geomagnetic Pulsations in the Southern and Northern Hemispheres: Experimental Data and Numerical Simulation  302 

I.A. Dulova and Yu.V. Kornienko Random Error of Surface Relief Reconstruction by Radio Brightness  310 

Ye.Ye. Lysenko, O.F. Pishko, V.G. Chumak and S.A. Churilova Resonance Line Q-Factor of Millimeter-Wave Clinotron  317 

Yu.A. Tsarin On Calculation of Breakdown Electromagnetic Field in Low-Temperature Microwave Plasmatron  323 

V.Ya. Kapitanov and V.A. Kovalev On Cyclotron Absorption Coefficient of Electromagnetic Waves by Thermal Electrons  328 

А.V. Gribovsky Properties of Phased Antenna Array of Rectangular Waveguides Excited by Surface Wave  332 

G.I. Koshovy On Mutual Influence between Strips in a Problem of Electromagnetic Wave Scattering  337 

L.G. Grechko, O.A. Davidova, V.M. Ogenko and N.G. Shkoda Non-Linear Bistability of a Small Metallic Particle in Alternating Electric Field  344 

Yu.V. Mitihin Optimization of Statistical Identification of Parameters of Mathematical Models by Simplex Method  353 

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