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Radio Physics and Radio Astronomy

Vol. 6, No.2      June, 2001

P.I. Fomin and Yu.V. Shtanov Towards the theory of branching spaces  59 

B. Dragovich and Lj. Nesic Adelic quantum cosmology  517 

C. Barrabes and V. Frolov Quantum effects in a fluctuating black hole geometry  522 

M. Abdildin Gravimagnetism and the interpretation of the Einstein equations  532 

V.L. Rvachev and K. Avinash Quadratic red shift law and the non-Archimedean Universe  534 

M.P. Korkina and A.N. Turinov The models of the “VOIDS” in the Universe  537 

A. Minakov, S. Vasylyev and V. Vakulik Lightcurve spatial and temporal variations of gravitationally lensed source image  542 

A. Baranov and D. Baranov Static star model and Mathieu functions  549 

V.V. Burlikov and M.P. Korkina T-solutions for anisotropic fluid spheres in GR  553 

A.N. Golubiatnikov and S.S. Chukin On calculation of strong relativistic explosion  557 

G.B. Alaverdyan, A.R. Harutyunyan and Yu.L. Vartanyan On small mass hybrid stars with quark core  561 

S. Guziy, A. Shlyapnikov, I. Vishnevskaya and E. Zelenskaya R-band observations of the X-ray transients XTE J1859+226 and XTE J1118+480  564 

V.M. Kontorovich and V.N. Pasiuga Ultrarelativistic explosion in gravitation field of compact central object and “superlight” radio jets  566 

A. Baranov and M. Lukonenko Broad static star class modeling within single approach  573 

V.M. Kontorovich and S.I. Sheliag Evolution of galaxies clusters caused by gravitational interaction and merging galaxies and clusters  578 

M. Khodyachikh Cosmological periodicities and models of the Universe  585 

E.Yu. Bannikova and L.V. Verozub Supermassive compact object without events horizon in gas environment  589 

L.V. Verozub and A.Ye. Kochetov The Universe acceleration and gravitation properties  593 

V.A. Zakhozhay Expectable mass spectrum of stars and substars in Galaxy multitudes  597 

O.V. Zavizion Comparison of description methods of external gravitational potential of celestial body  5101 

R.A. Daishev, Z.G. Murzakhanov, S.F. Levin and A.F. Skochilov Signal-response processing in Kazan project of gravitational-wave detector “Dulkyn”  5105 

G.N. Izmailov and V.V. Ozolin Laboratory experiment on check of speed light anisotropy  5112 

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