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Radio Physics and Radio Astronomy

Vol. 6, No.1      March, 2001

A.V. Megn, S.L. Rashkovskiy and V.A. Shepelev URAN System of Decametric Interferometers (IV). Source Structure Model Fitting 

A.A. Konovalenko, S.V. Stepkin and D.V. Shalunov Low-Frequency Carbon Recombination Lines  21 

F.M. Kolesnikov and V.M. Kontorovich Diffusion Model of Extragalactic Radio Source Extended Components with Precessive Jet  32 

V.N. Mel’nik Plasma Theory of Radar Signal Reflection from the Sun. 3. Scattering Processes on Ion-Sound Turbulence  45 

V.B. Razskazovskyy Errors in Bearing Low-Altitude Millimeter-Wave Sources over Terrene  50 

F. Bass and M. Gitterman Analysis of Tridiagonal Recurrence Relations in Continuum Approximation  71 

S.B. Kashcheev, Yu.M. Yampolski and A.V. Zalizovski Bistatic Sounding of the Sea Surface by Signals from HF Broadcasting Stations  79 

E.P. Abranin, I.Yu. Alekseev, L.L. Bazelyan, A.I. Brazhenko, R.E. Gershberg, V.N. Lisachenko and N.I. Shakhovskaya Decameter Radioemission from Red Dwarf Flare Stars  89 

B.P. Ryabov Jovian Decametric Emission. Multiscale Dynamic Spectra  103 

D.M. Vavriv and S.V. Sosnytskiy Non-Stationary Theory of Space-Harmonic Magnetrons with Cold Cathode  131 

A.A. Minakov, S.A. Vasylyev and L.M. Rabinowicz Radiation Focusing of a Source Extended in Space and Variable in Time by Gravitational Lens with Arbitrary Mass Distribution  142 

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