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Radio Physics and Radio Astronomy

Vol. 5, No.4      December, 2000

R.S. Shubova, A.V. Koloskov, V.G. Bezrodny, P.V. Silin and Yu.M. Yampolski Sunrise Variations of VLF Radio Signals in Antarctica  337 

A.M. Gokov and L.F. Chernogor Processes in Lower Ionosphere during August 11, 1999 Solar Eclipse  348 

L.S. Kostrov and L.F. Chernogor Processes in Bottomside Ionosphere during August 11, 1999 Solar Eclipse  361 

L.F. Chernogor Magnetosphere Electron Precipitation Induced by a Solar Eclipse  371 

V.G. Bezrodny HF Radio Wave Diffraction on Large-Scale Disturbances of an Effective Ionospheric Boundary  376 

A.G. Boyev, V.B. Yefimov, I.A. Kalmykov, V.N. Tsymbal and A.A. Yantsevich Detection of Rain’s Soil Moisture Using Sich-1 Radar Data  383 

A.V. Arkhipov Callisto as a Probe for Examination of Jovian Decameter Radio Emission  394 

P.A. Savenko On Structure of Solution to Problem of Synthesis of Linear Antenna from a Given Radiation Pattern  405 

N.N. Gorobets, Yu.N. Gorobets and V.M. Dakhov Angle Antenna Arrays of Travelling Wave with Central Excitation  416 

A.P. Kasyanenko and O.N. Sukhoruchko MM-Wave Band Balance Parametric Amplifier  424 

V.G. Gerasimov, S.F. Dyubko, V.A. Efremov, M.N. Efimenko and A.A. Katrich Spectroscopy of Freons: Submillimeter Wave Rotational Spectra of the 37Cl Isotopomers of the CCl3F (CFC-11) Molecule  429 

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