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Radio Physics and Radio Astronomy

Vol. 5, No.3      September, 2000

A.A. Kostenko Quasioptics: Historical Preconditions and Modern Trends of Development  221 

V.V. Ilyushin and E.A. Alekseev New Possibilities of Millimeter-Wave Spectroscopy: High-Precision Survey Spectra Records  247 

D.М. Vavriv and D.V. Shygimaga Chaos in Duffing Oscillator with High- and Low-Frequency External Forcing  256 

S. Manzhos, K. Schünemann, S. Sosnitsky and D. Vavriv Clinotron: a Promising Source for THz Regions  265 

Alexander Ramm, Nikolai N. Voitovich and Olga F. Zamorska Numerical Implementation of Cross-Section Method for Irregular Waveguides  274 

D.B. Kuryliak Axially-Symmetric Field of Electric Dipole Over Truncated Cone. II. Numerical Simulation  284 

N.P. Zhuck, A.V. Malyuskin and S.N. Shulga Green’s Tensors of Maxwell’s Equations in Plane-Layered Bianisotropic Medium  291 

O.O. Bezvesilniy, V.V. Vinogradov and K. Schünemann Noise Reduction Algorithm Based on Template Wavelet Coefficients  301 

O.I. Sukharevsky and A.V. Muzychenko Algorithm of Imaging of “Illuminated” Part of Convex Perfectly Conducting Surface  311 

Short Notes
N.S. Nesterov, A.Ye. Volvatch, I.D. Strepka, V.M. Shulga, V.I. Lebed’ and A.M. Pilipenko 22 GHz Radiometer for International VLBI Station “Symeiz”  320 

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