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Radio Physics and Radio Astronomy

Vol. 5, No.2      June, 2000

P. V. Bliokh SLW “Elves” as Negative Lenses in the Earth-Ionosphere Waveguide  113 

A. V. Zalizovsky, Yu. M. Yampolski, V. Ye. Korepanov and I. F. Dotsenko Polarization Effects of Pc3, Pc4 Geomagnetic Pulsations Observed at Vernadsky Antarctic Station (“the Sunflower Effect”)  118 

A. M. Stadnik and G. V. Ermakov Atmospheric Distortion of Ultrawide-Band Pulses of Ultra-Short Duration  125 

A. V. Antonov, Yu. M. Gerasimov, N. V. Ruzhentsev and V. P. Churilov On Possibility of Deriving the Parameters of Frontal Cloud Structures from Distant Sounding over Land  131 

Ya. M. Sobolev On Relativistic Charged Particle Radiation in a Curved Magnetic Field  137 

A. A. Gurko Higher Space-Harmonics Magnetron  148 

D. B. Kuryliak Regularization Operators in a Problem of Scalar Diffraction by Conical Surfaces  152 

O. V. Bagatskaya, M. P. Perepechay and S. N. Shulga Calculation of Reflectance and Transmittance of Inhomogeneous Ferrite Slab by Finite Difference Method  158 

A. V. Gribovsky, L.M. Lytvynenko and S. L. Prosvirnin Diffraction of Electromagnetic Waves on a Multi-Layer Structure of Metal Screens with Rectangular Holes  166 

K. Schünemann, S. V. Sosnytskiy and D. M. Vavriv Mathematical Model of Spatial-Harmonic Magnetron with Cold Secondary-Emission Cathode  171 

S. D. Priymenko and N. A. Khizhnyak Green’s Function with Explicit Singularity in Circular Waveguide  182 

I. S. Falkovich, L. G. Sodin and N. N. Kalinichenko Measurement of Substrate Parameters for Specification of Characteristics of Antennas Located Near the Earth’s Surface  195 

V. P. Ryabuha and V. A. Tarshin Current Estimation of Informative Parameters of a Signal with Random Initial Phase and Amplitude on a Noise Background  206 

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