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Radio Physics and Radio Astronomy

Vol. 5, No.1      March, 2000

A. V. Megn and S. Ya. Braude On Relation of Low Frequency Non-Thermal Radio Source Spectra with Physical Characteristics of Space Medium. II. (Review) 

S. L. Rashkovskiy URAN System of Decametric Interferometers (III). Technique and Algorithms for Processing Experimental Results  20 

D. B. Kuryliak and Z. T. Nazarchuk Illumination of a Finite Cone by an Axial-Symmetric Electromagnetic Wave  29 

A. V. Malyuskin, V. M. Shulga and S. N. Shulga Diffraction of a Plane Electromagnetic Wave on Homogeneous Bianisotropic Layer  38 

O. I. Sukharevsky, V. A. Vasilets, A. Z. Sazonov and K. I. Tkachuk Calculation of Electromagnetic Wave Scattering on Perfectly Conducting Object Partly Coated by Radar Absorbing Material with Using Triangulation Cubature Formula  47 

A.N. Dumin, V.A. Katrich, N.N. Kolchigin, S.N. Pivnenko and O.A. Tretyakov Diffraction of Transient TEM-Wave on an Open End of Coaxial Waveguide  55 

V. A. Volkov and A. I. Vyazmitinova Simulation of Solid State Switch Driving Magnetron with Cold Secondary Emission Cathode  67 

B. P. Yefimov On a Possibility of Creating Low-Voltage Generators of Magnetic-Braking Radiation on Free Electron Beams  74 

A. A. Gurko Estimation of Opportunity of Boosting the Efficiency of Millimetre-Wave Magnetron Using non p-Mode  80 

D. L. Grekov Microwave Reflectometry in Fusion Devices  84 

L. G. Grechko, A. O. Pinchuk, Yu. S. Kurskoi and A. Lesjo On a Problem of Anomalous Absorption of Far-Infrared Radiation by Small Metallic Particles  95 

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