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Radio Physics and Radio Astronomy

Vol. 4, No.4      December, 1999

V.P. Bovkoon, A.A. Gridin and I.N. Zhouck Short Multifrequency Vibrator Antenna. I. Principles of Construction  299 

Yu.M. Penkin and R.I. Klimovich Numerical Study of Mutual Conductivity of Ring Slot Radiators on Impedance Sphere  311 

A.N. Khizhnyak Rigorous Solution of Axial-Symmetric Problem of Excitation of Non-Equidistant Structure of Coaxial Disks by Field of Electric Dipole  316 

V.G. Sugak and P.V. Usik Experimental Estimation of Pair Pulse Method Capability in Spectral Research of Radar Returns  323 

A.M. Stadnik Optimum Detection of Pair-Correlated Random Point Process with Pair-Correlated Noise  331 

L.F. Kupchenko, Y.M. Plakhov, O.V. Efimova, V.B. Lobyrev, E.L. Cherkashina and A.V. Shevchenko Diffraction Efficiency of Second Order Bragg Diffraction at Interaction of Light with Ultrasound under Double Bragg’s Angle  342 

V.V. Ovsyanikov Investigation of Broadband Vibrator Array with Circular Polarization  349 

K. Schunemann, B. Trush, D. Vavriv and V. Volkov Magnetron Transmitters for Millimeter-Wave Coherent Radar Systems  357 

V.A. Volkov and A.I. Vyazmitinova Optimization of Performance of Solid-State Magnetron Transmitter  361 

V.M. Kuzmichov Measurement of Energy Parameters of Intensive Laser Radiation by Three-Grating Thin-Wire Bolometer  369 

V.M. Yakovenko and I.V. Yakovenko Electrostatic Oscillations in Plasma-Like Structures with Flows of Charged Particles  376 

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