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Radio Physics and Radio Astronomy

Vol. 1, No.2      December, 1996

S.Ya. Braude, V.K. Ivanov, I.E. Ostrovsky and I.M. Fuks VHF Radio Wave Propagation over Sea Surface  171 

M.V. Belobrova, V.K. Ivanov, A.N. Koshel, I.E. Ostrovsky and I.M. Fuks Radio Meteorological Parameters Determining UHF Radio Propagation over Ocean and their Measurement Techniques  187 

A.M. Gokov and O.F. Tyrnov Partial Reflection Technique Investigation of Lower Ionosphere’s Response to Strong Remote Earthquakes  194 

Yu.M. Yampolski, P.B. Bliokh, V.S. Веleу, V.G. Galushko and S.B. Kascheev HF-Schumann Band Non-linear Coupling in Ionosphere  200 

l.S. Falkovich Polarization of Radiowaves in Ionosphere: Magnetoionic Theory and Quasi-Isotropic Approximation  208 

V.V. Yaroshenko Drift Instability In Flows of Dusty Plasma with Continuous Size Spectrum of Grains  213 

V.V. Yaroshenko Incoherent Scattering of Electromagnetic Waves in Dusty Plasma  218 

F.G. Bass and R. Bakanas Action of Random Force on Gunn Domain  224 

G.E. Karvitsky and S.L. Prosvirnin Dielectric Slab Eigen-Wave Diffraction by Periodic Grating of Rectangular Patches pectroscopy  237 

V.Yu. Mikhajlishin and M.I. Yavorskyj Statistical Analysis of Radiophysical Processes with Hidden Periodicities  243 

S.V. Stepkin Digital Sign Correlometer for Radio Astronomical Spectroscopy  255 

N.A. Popenko Non-linear Effects in Three-Mirror Open Resonator with Semiconductor  259 

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