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Radio Physics and Radio Astronomy

Vol. 4, No.2      June, 1999

V. G. Gutnik, G. P. Kuljemin and L. I. Sharapov Spike Statistics of Sea Backscattering at Centimeter and Millimeter Bands of Radio Waves  101 

E. B. Malets, V. I. Fesenko and S. N. Shulga Diffraction of a Proper Wave of Rectangular Waveguide with a Flange Adjoining Piecewise Uniform Planar Layered Structure  111 

Yu. M. Penkin, A. V. Zhironkina, S. A. Martynenko and L. P. Yatsuk Scattering of H10-mode from an Impedance Slot Diaphragm in a Rectangular Waveguide  117 

D. B. Kuryliak Axially-Symmetric Field of Electric Dipole over Truncated Cone. I. Comparison between Mode-Matching Technique and Integral Transformation Method  121 

N. N. Gorobets and O. N. Nosenko On Class of Linear Antenna Arrays Synthesis Problem Solutions by Multiparametric Method of Regularization  129 

V. B. Kazanskiy, V. V. Podlozny and V. V. Khardikov Electromagnetic Properties of Multielement Periodic Systems with Metallodielectric Scatterers  135 

A. A. Yantsevich, N. N. Yasnitskaya, M. M. Benderskyi and V. E. Baranov To the Theory of Oscillations in Unsteady Random Medium  145 

Yu. V. Aristov, P. V.  Bliokh, O. V. Budanov, B. V. Lazebny, V. E. Paznukhov and A. G.  Rokhman Single-Point Location of Powerful Lightning Discharges by ELF-Noise Spikes  153 

G. F. Konyahin, A. Yu. Melashenko, Z. Yu. Litvina, V. E. Novikov and S. S. Moiseev Stationary Nonequilibrium States of Maxwell Type Particles with Spectral Currents  160 

V. M. Gokhfeld, O. V. Kirichenko and V. G. Peschansky High-Frequency Phenomena in Organic Metals  169 

V. G. Gerasimov, S. F. Dyubko, V. A. Efremov, M. N. Efimenko and A. A. Katrich Spectroscopy of Freons: Submillimeter-Wave Rotational Spectrum of C35Cl3F Molecule (Freon-11) in the Ground Vibrational State  178 

P. P. Drabich and O. P. Drabich Multifunctional Devices for Processing Pulse Random Flows  184 

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