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Radio Physics and Radio Astronomy

Vol. 4, No.1      March, 1999

S. Manzhos, K. Schьnemann and D. Vavriv Plasma Frequency Depression Coefficients for an Electron Beam Scattering on Metallic Surfaces 

Ye. Ye. Lysenko, O. F. Pishko and S. A. Churilova Experimental Research of Clinotron with Distributed Quasioptical Power Output  13 

Ye. Ye. Lysenko, O. F. Pishko and S. A. Churilova Correction of Radiation Directional Pattern of the Clinotron with Distributed Quasioptical Power Output  20 

D. B. Kuryliak and Z. T. Nazarchuk Illumination of Symmetric Electromagnetic Waves from a Conic Horn  23 

D. G. Seleznyov, I. I. Reznik and A. D. Seleznyov Microstrip Radiator for Reflector Antennas  30 

N. N. Gorobets and N. P. Yeliseyeva Reducing Radiation of Electric Dipole with a Screen in Certain Direction  35 

A. V. Gribovsky Excitation of Phased-Array Antenna Constructed of Rectangular Waveguides by Surface Waves  42 

V. L. Pazynin and L. A. Pazynin Electromagnetic Wave Propagation in Planar Impedance Irregular Waveguide  49 

A. S. Bryukhovetski Coherent Electromagnetic Field and Effective Surface Impedance in Statistically Rough Spherical Waveguide  54 

V. M. Kartashov, V. Y. Kovtun and Y. S. Shmatko Magnetoinductive Method for Detection of Extensive Air Showers of Ultimate High Energies  61 

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