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Radio Physics and Radio Astronomy

Vol. 3, No.4      December, 1998

I.I. Eru Efficiency of Mirror Systems of Large Optical Telescopes as a Reflector Antennas of Submillimeter Radiotelescopes  357 

V.G. Galushko Allowance for Geomagnetic Field in a Problem of Near-Caustic Ionospheric Sounding  365 

S.F. Dyubko, V.A. Efremov, A.A. Katrich, E.A. Alekseev, V.G. Gerasimov, M.E. Efimenko and V.V. Ilyushin Collisional Broadening of Rotational Spectrum Lines of CHF235Cl Molecule  368 

V.G. Gerasimov, A.Ya. Anikeev, V.N. Didenko and V.N. Rjabyh Gas Impurity Track IR-analyser in Atmosphere (Calibration by Ozone and Ozone Contaminant Measurement)  387 

S.A. Masalov and O.O. Puzanov Video-Pulse Scattering by Layered Soil Structures  393 

S.V. Boriskina and A.I. Nosich Method of Analitical Regularization for the Problems of Wave Scattering from Dielectric Cylinders of Arbitrary Cross-Section  405 

G.I. Koshevoy Scattering of H-polarized Wave on a System of Ribbons  414 

Yu.V. Arkusha, E.D. Prokhorov and I.P. Storozhenko Gunn Diode with Tunnel p++-n++-cathode  419 

Yu.G. Danik Detection Efficiency with Observation Aids Having Large Base Distance  424 

P. L Tokarsky Mutual Resistances and Efficiency of Electrical Dipoles Located Near an Interface of two Media  434 

V.N. Pustovit, L.V. Garanina, I.F. Mironuk and S.V. Shostak Effective Dielectric Permittivity of Matrix Disperse Systems in Differential Medium Approximation  441 

O.I. Baskakov and S.V. Syrota Mm-wave Rotational Spectra of Cis-Rotamers of Formic Asid and Its Deuterated Species in the Ground Vibrational State  446 

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