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Radio Physics and Radio Astronomy

Vol. 3, No.3      September, 1998

S.G. Gestrin and V.M. Kontorovich Wind Instability in Astrophysics (in Application to Jets, Comet Tails and Spiral Structure of Galaxcies). II  259 

A.G. Boev and T.E. Scherbinina On Frequency and Time Characteristics of S-Bursts with Linear Drift of Jovial DCM Radio Emission. II. Series of the Bursts  273 

A.A. Minakov and Yu.I. Nechayev Gravitational Lensing of Radiation of Extended and Alternating Source  277 

A.V. Megn, S.L. Rashkovskij, V.A. Shepelev, A.S. Belov and V.V. Shevchenko URAN System of Decametric Interferometers (II). Equepment and Observation Methods  284 

I.S. Falkovich, M.A. Sidorchuk and A.A. Gridin High-Sensible Compensating Radiometer for RT-70 Radiotelescope  294 

V.M. Kartashov and E.S. Shmatko Radioholographic Method of Determining of Nuclear Composition of High Energy Primary Cosmic Particles  299 

L.M. Lytvynenko, Yu.V. Aristov, P.V. Bliokh, O.V. Budanov, B.V. Lazebny, V.E. Paznukhov, A.G. Rokhman, V.I. Sukhorukov, I.A. Serbinenko and L.P. Zabrodina Effect of Extremely Low Frequency Electromagnetic Field on Biological Activity of a Human Brain  312 

O.I. Baskakov On Some Possibilities of Application of Generalized Rank Angular Momentum Operators in Theory of Rotational Spectra of Many Atom Molecules  320 

K.P. Yatzuk and R.R. Shvelidze Wave Radiation with Controlled Polarization from Circular Waveguide  325 

D.L. Grekov On the Dependence of Fast Magnetosonic Wave Eigenfrequencies in Plasma Cylinder on Cross-Section Ellipticity Value  331 

N.N. Gorobets and N.P. Yeliseyeva Cross-Polarized Radiation of Electrical Dipole over a Plane Rectangular Screen  333 

Yu.M. Penkin Conductivity of Impedance Spherical Slot Antenna  341 

N.N. Gorobets, S.S. Vyazmitinova and A.I. Vyazmitinova Investigation of Electrodynamic Characteristics of One-Reflector Antenna with Small Electric Focal Distances  348 

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