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Radio Physics and Radio Astronomy

Vol. 9, No.2      June, 2004

Radio Astronomy and Astrophysics
I.S. Falkovich, N.N. Kalinichenko, A.A. Gridin and I.N. Bubnov On the Possibility of Broadband IPS Observations at Decameter Waves  121 

Radio Physics of Geospace
Yu.M. Yampolski, A.V. Zalizovski, L.M. Lytvynenko, G.V. Lizunov, K. Groves and M. Moldwin Magnetic Field Variations in Antarctica and the Conjugate Region (New England) Stimulated by Cyclone Activity  130 

V.G. Bezrodny Multiple Scattering Effects in Radar Diagnostics of Extended Random Media  152 

V. G.  Galushko and A. S.  Kashcheev Pulsed-Mode Frequency-and-Angular Sounding of Traveling Ionospheric Disturbances  160 

Propagation, Diffraction and Scattering of Electromagnetic Waves
A.I. Kozar Generation of Electromagnetic Coupling Structure Functions for Rectangular Waveguides Containing Resonant Magnetodielectric Spheres  172 

Antennas, Waveguides and Quasioptics
L.B. Minakova and L.A. Rud Phenomenon of the Resonance Power Absorption in Multimode Waveguide-Dielectric Resonators  183 

L.E. Kopilovich Nonredundant Hexagonal Grid Interferometer Configurations with Element-Free Central Domains  188 

Physics of Electron Devices
Yu.G. Makeev, S.P. Martynyuk, A.P. Motornenko and I.G. Skuratovskiy Solid-State Microwave Oscillator Employing a Waveguide Coaxial-Resonator  194 

Microwave Phenomena in Devices, Components and Systems of Scientific Instruments
A.V. Shevchenko, R.V. Kozhin, M.P. Vasilevsky and D.M. Vavriv Radar Transmitters’ Microprocessor Control System  199 

Dynamic Chaos in Radio Physics and Electronics
D.D. Vavriv Cryptographic Analysis of Random Sequences Generated by System with Chaotic Behavior  208 

Short Notes
O.S. Gavrilenko, O.S. Kurekin, O.Ya. Matvyeyev and V.M. Tsymbal Radar Detection of Fish Shoals  214 

S.I. Martynenko Ionospheric D-region Cooling in Response to Variations in Tropospheric Conductivity  217 

A.D. Filonenko On the Possibility of Radio Astronomy Aided Recording of Extensive Air Showers  221 

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