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Radio Physics and Radio Astronomy

Vol. 3, No.2      June, 1998

A.I. Kalmykov, V.N. Tsymbal, A.S. Kurekin, V.B. Yefimov, A.Ya. Matveyev, A.S. Gavrilenko and V.V. Igolkin Multipurpose Airborne Earth's Remote Sensing Radar System “MARS”  119 

V.G. Sugak Estimation of Depth Resolution for Ground Penetrating Radar  130 

O.I. Sukharevsky, S.A. Gorelyshev, V.A. Vasilets and A.V. Muzychenko Pulse Signal Inverse Scattering by Perfectly Conducting Object Located near Uniform Half-Space  137 

S.Ya. Braude and A.V. Megn On Relation of Low-Frequency Spectra for Non-Thermal Radio Sources with Physical Characteristics of Space Medium. I.  147 

A.G. Boev and T.E. Shcherbinina On Frequency and Time Characteristics of S-Bursts with Linear Drift of Jovian DCM Radio Emission. I. Formation of the Burst  166 

A.G. Boev and I.V. Bolimenko Longitudinal Spatial Structure of Flux-Tube Io-Jupiter  173 

L.F. Chernogor, K.P. Garmash, L.S. Kostrov, V.T. Rozumenko, O.F. Tyrnov and A.M. Tsymbal Perturbations in the Ionosphere Following U. S. Powerful Space Vehicle Launching  181 

L.F. Chernogor, K.P. Garmash and V.T. Rozumenko Flux Parameters of Energetic Particles Affecting the Middle Latitude Lower Ionosphere  191 

V.V. Vinogradov and G.V. Litvinenko Investigation of the Thunderstorms Radiation by Method of Wavelet Analysis  198 

A.V. Bakumenko and N.A. Khizhnyak Reflection and Refraction of a Narrow Gaussian Beam  204 

N.N. Gorobets and V.I. Kiyko Computer Analysis of Reflector Antenna Characteristics which Surface is Approximated by Plane Triangles  209 

N.P. Yeliseyeva Radiation Pattern Analysis of an Arbitrarily Oriented Electric Vibrator above Plane Screen  217 

S. Prosvirnin Magnetic Field Polarimetry of Seismic Sources  226 

K.Yu. Bliokh Development of Beam Instability in Periodically Inhomogeneous Plasma  231 

D.P. Belozorov, Z.A. Spolnik and S.I. Tarapov Microwave Resonance Study of Crystallization of Amorphous Metallic Alloys  240 

L.G. Grechko, V.N. Pustovit and V.V. Boiko Electromagnetic Response of Interacting System of Metallic Particles  245 

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