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Radio Physics and Radio Astronomy

Vol. 1, No.1      September, 1996

S.Ya. Braude and A.V. Men’ Radio Astronomy Researches in Ukraine in Decameter Wave Range 

P.V. Bliokh and V.V. Yaroshenko Damping of Low-Frequency Electrostatic Waves in Dusty Plasmas due to Continuous Size Spectrum of Dust Grains  25 

A.I. Kalmykov and I.M. Fuks Models of Radio Waves Scattering by Bedding Surfaces and Their Using in Radar Remote Sensing Systems  31 

K.P. Sokolov Study of Low-Frequency Spectrum Statistical Properties for Extended Extragalactic Radio Sources of Different Classes  42 

V.M. Shulga, V.V. Myishenko, E.A. Nazarov, A.V. Antjufeev, L.M. Litvinenko, N.I. Zinchenko, A.V. Lapinov and L.E. Pirogov Molecular Cloud TMC-1 in HCN (J = 1 – 0) Molecular Line  54 

L.E. Kopilovich and L.G. Sodin Combinatorial Methods in Radio Physics, Astronomy and Radio Astronomy  61 

D.M. Vavriv Chaotic Dynamics of Weakly Nonlinear Systems  70 

V.G. Galushko and Yu.M. Yampolski Near Caustic Fields and Ionospheric Sounding  94 

V.L. Fal’ko, S.I. Khankina and V.M. Yakovenko Surface Waves in Superlattice and their Excitation by Flow of Charged Particles  104 

S.N. Vorobjov, L.M. Litvinenko and S.L. Prosvirnin Electromagnetic Wave Diffraction by Finite Extent Structure Consisting of Nonequidistant Strips Having Different Width. Comparison of Full-Wave Spectral and Operator Method  110 

Z.T. Nazarchuk, O.I. Ovsyannikov and T.D. Senyk Interpolation Method for Evaluation of Periodic Green Function in Problems of Diffraction  119 

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