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Radio Physics and Radio Astronomy
Author Index for Volume 8, 2003

Kukobko S.V., Nechitailo S.V., Sazonov A.Z. and Sukharevsky O.I. Calculation of Radiation by Array Antenna with Nose Dielectric Radome  3  287 

Kulemin G.P. (see Gutnik V.G.)  2  181 

Kuzmichov V.M. and Pogorelov S.V. Measurement of the Laser Impulse Parameters of Gauss Beam with Thin-Wire Bolometers  4  369 

Lazorenko O.V. (see Garmash K.P.)  3  253 

Leus S.G. (see Garmash K.P.)  2  163 

Litvinenko G.V. (see Galushko V.G.)  2  137 

Lyashenko M.V. (see Zakharov I.G.)  3  280 

Malyshenko Yu.I. and Roenko A.N. Investigating the Millimeter-Wave Thermal Emission of Wheat anopy for Remote Sensing Applications  4  357 

Martynenko S.I. A Method for Remote Sensing of Ionospheric Disturbances from Large Mesospheric Electric Fields  2  127 

Megn A.V., Sharykin N.K., Zakharenko V.V., Bulatsen R.V. Decameter Wavelength Radio Telescope URAN-2  4  345 

Mladyonov P.L. and Prosvirnin S.L. Microstrip Double-Periodic Grating of Continuous Curvilinear Metal Strips as a High-Impedance Surface  4  375 

Moiseenko A.E., Naumenko V.D., Suvorov A.N. and Syrov A.R. Long Life 3 mm Pulse Magnetron  4  421 

Naumenko V.D. (see Moiseenko A.E.)  4  421 

Nechitailo S.V. (see Kukobko S.V.)  3  287 

Nesterenko M.V. Electromagnetic Radiation of Thin Impedance Vibrators in Homogeneous Isotropic Dissipative Medium  2  207 

Pazura S.A. (see Garmash K.P.)  3  253 

Pazura S.A. (see Garmash K.P.)  2  163 

Peters G. (see Bezvesilniy O.)  3  296 

Pikulik I.I. (see Kashcheyev A.S.)  3  242 

Pogorelov S.V. (see Kuzmichov V.M.)  4  369 

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