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Author Index for Volume 8, 2003

Garmash K.P., Leus S.G., Pazura S.A., Pokhil’ko S.N. and Chernogor L.F. Statistics of Terrestrial Electromagnetic Field Fluctuation  2  163 

Gerasimova N.N., Sinitsin V.G. and Yampolski Yu.M. On a Non-Linear Interaction of MHD Waves with Small-Scale Ionospheric Irregularities  2  117 

Goroshko E.A. (see Gutnik V.G.)  2  181 

Goryashko V.O. (see Yefimov B.P.)  2  190 

Gutnik V.G., Kulemin E.A. Sea Radar Backscattering Intensity for Small Grazing Angles  2  181 

Ilyenko K. (see Yefimov B.P.)  2  190 

Ivanchenko D.D., Kolchigin N.N., Prosvirnin D.O. Experimental Investigation of Frequency Dependence of Module of Transmission Coefficients of C-Shaped Metal Strip Array  3  326 

Kashcheyev A.S. (see Bryukhovetski A.S.)  3  235 

Kashcheyev A.S., Kashcheyev S.B., Koloskov A.V., Pikulik I.I., Bryukhovetski A.S. and Yampolski Yu.M. Bistatic HF Scattering from the Sea Surface. II. Experiment  3  242 

Kashcheyev S.B. (see Bryukhovetski A.S.)  3  235 

Kashcheyev S.B. (see Kashcheyev A.S.)  3  242 

Kolchigin N.N. (see Ivanchenko D.D.)  3  326 

Koloskov A.V. (see Kashcheyev A.S.)  3  242 

Korolev A.M. and Shulga V.M. Peculiarities of HEMT Ultra-Low-Noise Amplifier Implementation at Non-Ñryogenic Ñooling Level  4  429 

Korolev A.M. On Increasing of Stability of HEMT Low Noise Amplifiers  3  317 

Korolev A.M. and Shulga V.M. Ultra-Low-Noise Operation of Broadband Uncooled PHEMT Amplifier in Ultrahigh-Frequency Band  1  21 

Koshovy G.I. Electromagnetic Characteristics of the Simplest Strip System  1  45 

Kostrov L.S. (see Burmaka V.P.)  2  143 

Kozar À.I. Scattering Electromagnetic Waves by Special Spatial Lattices Composed of Resonant Magnetodielectric Spheres  4  383 

Kryshtal A.N. Low-Frequency Wave Instabilities in Magnetized Collisional Plasma with Longitudinal Electric Field and Weak Inhomogeneity of Density  1 

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