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Author Index for Volume 8, 2003

Bagatskaya O.V., Fesenko V.I. and Shulga S.N. Electric Field Lines in a Rectangular Waveguide with Inhomogeneous Anisotropic Insertion  4  437 

Barkhudaryan N.V., Vazhinsky S.E., Vasilets V.A., Sazonov A.Z. and Sukharevsky O.I. Mathematical Modeling Bearing Process in Near Zone of Complex Extended Object  2  217 

Bezvesilniy O., Peters G. and Vavriv D. Estimating Cloud and Rain Parameters from Doppler Radar Data  3  296 

Brazhenko A.I. (see Megn A.V.)  4  345 

Bryukhovetski A.S., Kashcheyev A.S., Kashcheyev S.B. and Yampolski Yu.M. Bistatic HF Scattering from the Sea Surface. I. Theory  3  235 

Bryukhovetski A.S. (see Kashcheyev A.S.)  3  242 

Budanov O.V. (see Galushko V.G.)  4  393 

Bulatsen V.G. (see Megn A.V.)  4  345 

Burmaka V.P., Kostrov L.S. and Chernogor L.F. Statistics of Signals of HF Doppler Radar Probing the Bottomside Ionosphere Disturbed by Rocket Launches and Solar Terminator  2  143 

Chernogor L.F. Physics of Earth, Atmosphere, and Geospace from the Standpoint of System Paradigm  1  59 

Chernogor L.F. (see Garmash K.P.)  3  265 

Chernogor L.F. (see Garmash K.P.)  3  253 

Chernogor L.F. (see Garmash K.P.)  2  163 

Chernogor L.F. (see Burmaka V.P.)  2  143 

Eru I.I. Quasioptical Diplexing at Short Millimeter Waves  1  28 

Fesenko V.I. (see Bagatskaya O.V.)  4  437 

Galushko V.G. and Litvinenko G.V. Anaysis of Applicability of Isotropic Approximation in a Problem of Frequency-and-Angular Sounding of Ionosphere  2  137 

Galushko V.G., Budanov O.V. and Yampolski Yu.M. Quasioptimum Algorithm for Detecting Narrow-Band Signals against a Random Noise Background  4  393 

Garmash K.P. and Chernogor L.F. A Multiple-Whistler Propagation Event Recorded at Ukrainian Academician Vernadsky Antarctic Research Station  3  265 

Garmash K.P., Lazorenko O.V., Pazura S.A. and Chernogor L.F. Earth’s Magnetic Field Fluctuations During the Severe 1999 Geospace Storm  3  253 

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