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Radio Physics and Radio Astronomy
Author Index for Volume 7, 2002

Kostylev A.A. (see Astanin L.Yu.)  4  355 

Kovalenko V.O. (see Varyaniza-Roshchupkina L.A.)  4  435 

Kovtun V.E. (see Zalyubovsky I.I.)  3  254 

Kozhyn R.V. (see Belikov A.A.)  4  413 

Kozhyn R.V. (see Vavriv D.M.)  2  121 

Kravchenko V.I., Knyazyev V.V., Koliushko G.M. and Vavriv L.V. New IEC Standards Requirements to the Parameters of Powerful Electromagnetic Pulsed Disturbances  4  441 

Krymsky V.V. Application of the Nanosecond Pulses  4  351 

Kupchenko L.F., Plakhov Y.M., Efimova O.V., Lobyrev V.B., Cherkashina E.L. and Shevchenko A.V. Choice of Conditions of Acoustooptic Interaction for Processors Using Components of Second Order Bragg’s Diffraction  2  201 

Kuryliak D.B. and Nazarchuk Z.T. Axially-Symmetrical Excitation of Electromagnetic Oscillations for System of Finite and Semi-Infinite Truncated Cones with Different Apertures  1  64 

Lazorenko O.V., Lazorenko S.V. and Chernogor L.F. Application of Wavelet Analysis to Problem of Ultra-Wideband Signal Detection on Noise Background  1  46 

Lazorenko O.V. (see Chernogor L.F.)  4  471 

Lazorenko O.V. (see Chernogor L.F.)  4  431 

Lazorenko S.V. (see Chernogor L.F.)  4  471 

Lazorenko S.V. (see Lazorenko O.V.)  1  46 

Lobyrev V.B. (see Kupchenko L.F.)  2  201 

Los' V.F. (see Bakhrakh L.D.)  4  368 

Lukin K.A. (see Harmuth H.F.)  4  362 

Lytvynenko L.M., Prosvirnin S.L. and Tyrnov D.O. Frequency Characteristics of Layered Medium Consisted of Biperiodic Strip Arrays  2  170 

Magda I.I., Paschenko A.V., Shapoval I.M. and Novikov V.E. Structure and Application of ATDP Suite for Electronic System States Detection and Evolution Operator Restoration  4  364 

Makeev Yu.G. and Motornenko A.P. Nondestructive Method of Measurement of Dielectric Parameters at Microwaves  3  315 

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