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Radio Physics and Radio Astronomy
Author Index for Volume 7, 2002

Gavrilova T.V. and Sidorenko Yu.B. Diffraction of Modulated Electromagnetic Impulses on Periodical Grating  4  398 

Gerasimov V.G., Dyubko S.F., Efremov V.A. and Katrich A.A. Spectroscopy of Freons: Submillimeter-Wave Rotational Spectrum of C35Cl3F Molecule (CFC-11) in Double-Degenerated Excited Vibrational State n6 with Quantum Number v = 1  2  151 

Gerasimov Yu.M. (see Antonov À.V.)  3  246 

Gorbach N.V., Sharapov L.I. and Gutnik V.G. Specific Features of Statistical Characteristics of Three-Millimeter Wave-Band Propagation above the Sea Surface  1 

Gorobets N.N. and Yeliseyeva N.P. Radiation of a Dipole with Different Orientation Respecting to Halfplane Edge  3  305 

Gorobets N.N., Dumin A.N. and Dumina O.A. About Radiation of Short Pulses by Wire Antenna of Finite Length  4  372 

Grekov D.L. Features of Surface Electromagnetic Waves in Magnetized Plasma Cylinder  2  186 

Grekov D.L., Àzarenkov N.À., Bizyukov À.À. and Olefir V.P. Radiation Pattern in PR-1 Machine  3  321 

Gribovsky A.V. Original Technique for Radiation Control in Waveguide Phased Antenna Array  1  11 

Grytsayenko S.V. (see Vavriv D.M.)  1  88 

Gutman A.L. Propagation of Short Pulses in Plasma Half-Space (Ionosphere)  4  359 

Gutnik V.G. (see Gorbach N.V.)  1 

Harmuth H.F. and Lukin K.A. Propagation of Short Electromagnetic Pulses through Nonconducting Media with Electric and Magnetic Dipole Currents  4  362 

Immoreev I.J. and Sudakov A.A. Ultra-Wideband Communication System with High Data Rate  4  466 

Immoreev I.J. and Samkov S.V. Ultra-Wideband (UWB) Radar for the Remote Measuring of Main Parameters of Patient's Vital Activity  4  404 

Immoreev I.J. Main Capabilities and Features of Ultra Wideband (UWB) Radars  4  339 

Immoreev I.J. and Fedotov D.V. Detection of Ultrawideband Radar Signals Scattered from Complex Targets  4  408 

Immoreev I.J. and Sinyavin A.N. Radiation of Ultra-Wideband (UWB) Signals  4  389 

Ivanov A.I. (see Zvyagintsev A.A.)  4  475 

Kalinichenko N.N. (see Falkovich I.S.)  3  225 

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