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Radio Physics and Radio Astronomy
Author Index for Volume 7, 2002

Andreev M. (see Drobakhin O.)  4  459 

Andreev M.V., Drobakhin O.O. and Demyantchuk K.A. Accelerated Algorithm of Least-Sguares Approximation of Signals by Exponentials for Wideband Frequency-Domain Reflectometry  4  462 

Antonov À.V., Gerasimov Yu.M. and Ruzhentsev N.V. Application of Iterative Method to Reconstruction of Parameters of Fissile Solar Derivations from Observations at 3-mm Wave Band  3  246 

Arkhipov A.V. Modeling on “Alphabet” of Jovian S-Bursts  1  97 

Arkusha Yu.V., Prokhorov Å.D. and Storozhenko I.P. Gunn Diode with Induced Channel in Active Region  1  103 

Arkusha Yu.V. Metallic Cathode Contact for Gunn Diodes on Basis of Some Novel A3B5 Semiconductor Compounds  2  194 

Astanin L.Yu., Kostylev A.A. and Fliorova A.A. On the Basic Concepts of UWB Radar Scan  4  355 

Avdeev V.B. Radar Range Equation for Ultra Wideband Signals and Ultra Short Pulses  4  415 

Bakhrakh L.D., Los' V.F. and Shamanov A.N. Ultra Wideband Dipole Antenna  4  368 

Balakirev V.A., Onishchenko I.N., Sidorenko D.Yu. and Sotnikov G.V. Ultra-Short Pulse Excitation in a Semi-Infinite Waveguide by a Relativistic Electron Bunch  4  444 

Baum Carl E. Symmetry in Single-Polarization Reflector Impulse Radiating Antennas  4  345 

Belikov A.A. (see Vavriv D.M.)  2  121 

Belikov A.A., Kozhyn R.V., Trush B.V., Vavriv D.M. and Volkov V.A. Magnetron Transmitters for High-Resolution Radars  4  413 

Bezverhiy S.A. (see Zhilin E.I.)  2  139 

Bizyukov À.À. (see Grekov D.L.)  3  321 

Bormotov V.N. (see Vavriv D.M.)  2  121 

Bryukhovetski A.S. and Pazynin L.A. On Clebsch-Gordan Coefficients in Complex j-Plane. II. Complex Values of an Angular Momentum  1  81 

Bryukhovetski A.S. and Pazynin L.A. On Clebsch-Gordan Coefficients in Complex j-Plane. I. Physical Values of an Angular Momentum  1  74 

Butrym A.Yu., Katrich V.A., Kazansky O.V., Kolchigin N.N. and Pivnenko S.N. Time-Domain Modeling of Short Pulses Radiation with Aperture Decomposition Method  4  394 

Chekh Y.N. (see Filonenko A.D.)  2  160 

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