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Radio Physics and Radio Astronomy
Author Index for Volume 6, 2001

Abdildin M. Gravimagnetism and the interpretation of the Einstein equations  2  532 

Abranin E.P., Alekseev I.Yu., Bazelyan L.L., Brazhenko A.I., Gershberg R.E., Lisachenko V.N. and Shakhovskaya N.I. Decameter Radioemission from Red Dwarf Flare Stars  1  89 

Alaverdyan G.B., Harutyunyan A.R. and Vartanyan Yu.L. On small mass hybrid stars with quark core  2  561 

Alekseev I.Yu. (see Abranin E.P.)  1  89 

Avinash K. (see Rvachev V.L.)  2  534 

Bannikova E.Yu. and Verozub L.V. Supermassive compact object without events horizon in gas environment  2  589 

Baranov A. and Baranov D. Static star model and Mathieu functions  2  549 

Baranov A. and Lukonenko M. Broad static star class modeling within single approach  2  573 

Baranov D. (see Baranov A.)  2  549 

Barrabes C. and Frolov V. Quantum effects in a fluctuating black hole geometry  2  522 

Bass F. and Gitterman M. Analysis of Tridiagonal Recurrence Relations in Continuum Approximation  1  71 

Bazelyan L.L. (see Abranin E.P.)  1  89 

Boev A.G., Yantsevich A.A. and Yasnitskaja N.N. Electron Distribution Functions and Electric Field in Io Plasma Torus  4  291 

Brazhenko A.I. (see Abranin E.P.)  1  89 

Burlikov V.V. and Korkina M.P. T-solutions for anisotropic fluid spheres in GR  2  553 

Bîåv À.G., Udaltsova N.Ì. and Yantsevich À.À. New Io-Jupiter Connecting Mechanism. 1. Jovian Longitudinal Activity  3  252 

Chukin S.S. (see Golubiatnikov A.N.)  2  557 

Chumak V.G. (see Lysenko Ye.Ye.)  4  317 

Churilova S.A. (see Lysenko Ye.Ye.)  4  317 

Daishev R.A., Murzakhanov Z.G., Levin S.F. and Skochilov A.F. Signal-response processing in Kazan project of gravitational-wave detector “Dulkyn”  2  5105 

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