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Radio Physics and Radio Astronomy
Author Index for Volume 5, 2000

Alekseev E.A. (see Ilyushin V.V.)  3  247 

Antonov A. V., Gerasimov Yu. M., Ruzhentsev N. V. and Churilov V. P. On Possibility of Deriving the Parameters of Frontal Cloud Structures from Distant Sounding over Land  2  131 

Arkhipov A.V. Callisto as a Probe for Examination of Jovian Decameter Radio Emission  4  394 

Bagatskaya O. V., Perepechay M. P. and Shulga S. N. Calculation of Reflectance and Transmittance of Inhomogeneous Ferrite Slab by Finite Difference Method  2  158 

Bezrodny V.G. (see Shubova R.S.)  4  337 

Bezrodny V.G. HF Radio Wave Diffraction on Large-Scale Disturbances of an Effective Ionospheric Boundary  4  376 

Bezvesilniy O.O., Vinogradov V.V. and Schünemann K. Noise Reduction Algorithm Based on Template Wavelet Coefficients  3  301 

Bliokh P. V. SLW “Elves” as Negative Lenses in the Earth-Ionosphere Waveguide  2  113 

Boyev A.G., Yefimov V.B., Kalmykov I.A., Tsymbal V.N. and Yantsevich A.A. Detection of Rain’s Soil Moisture Using Sich-1 Radar Data  4  383 

Braude S. Ya. (see Megn A. V.)  1 

Chernogor L.F. (see Gokov A.M.)  4  348 

Chernogor L.F. (see Kostrov L.S.)  4  361 

Chernogor L.F. Magnetosphere Electron Precipitation Induced by a Solar Eclipse  4  371 

Churilov V. P. (see Antonov A. V.)  2  131 

Dakhov V.M. (see Gorobets N.N.)  4  416 

Dotsenko I. F. (see Zalizovsky A. V.)  2  118 

Dumin A.N., Katrich V.A., Kolchigin N.N., Pivnenko S.N. and Tretyakov O.A. Diffraction of Transient TEM-Wave on an Open End of Coaxial Waveguide  1  55 

Dyubko S.F. (see Gerasimov V.G.)  4  429 

Efimenko M.N. (see Gerasimov V.G.)  4  429 

Efremov V.A. (see Gerasimov V.G.)  4  429 

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