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Radio Physics and Radio Astronomy
Author Index for Volume 3, 1998

Alekseev E.A. (see Dyubko S.F.)  4  368 

Anikeev A.Ya. (see Gerasimov V.G.)  4  387 

Aristov Y.V. (see Lazebny B.V.)  1  33 

Aristov Yu.V. (see Lytvynenko L.M.)  3  312 

Arkhipov A.V. New Approaches to Problem of Search of Extraterrestrial Intelligence  1 

Arkusha Yu.V., Prokhorov E.D. and Storozhenko I.P. Gunn Diode with Tunnel p++-n++-cathode  4  419 

Azarenkov N.A., Denisenko I.B., Gapon A.V. and Klepikov V.F. Surface Wave Gas Discharge between Two Metal Planes in External Magnetic Field  1  61 

Bakumenko A.V. and Khizhnyak N.A. Reflection and Refraction of a Narrow Gaussian Beam  2  204 

Baskakov O.I. On Some Possibilities of Application of Generalized Rank Angular Momentum Operators in Theory of Rotational Spectra of Many Atom Molecules  3  320 

Baskakov O.I. and Syrota S.V. Mm-wave Rotational Spectra of Cis-Rotamers of Formic Asid and Its Deuterated Species in the Ground Vibrational State  4  446 

Belov A.S. (see Megn A.V.)  3  284 

Belozorov D.P., Spolnik Z.A. and Tarapov S.I. Microwave Resonance Study of Crystallization of Amorphous Metallic Alloys  2  240 

Bliokh K.Yu. About Influence of Plasma Inhomogeneity on Plasma-Beam Instability  1  49 

Bliokh K.Yu. Development of Beam Instability in Periodically Inhomogeneous Plasma  2  231 

Bliokh P.V. (see Lytvynenko L.M.)  3  312 

Bliznyuk N.Yu. Modelling Coaxially Excited Circular Patch Antenna  1  92 

Boev A.G., Karvitsky G.E., Matveev A.Ya. and Cimbal B.N. Estimate of Oil Film Parameters on Sea Surface by Means of Multifrequency Radaring  1  43 

Boev A.G. and Scherbinina T.E. On Frequency and Time Characteristics of S-Bursts with Linear Drift of Jovial DCM Radio Emission. II. Series of the Bursts  3  273 

Boev A.G. and Bolimenko I.V. Longitudinal Spatial Structure of Flux-Tube Io-Jupiter  2  173 

Boev A.G. and Shcherbinina T.E. On Frequency and Time Characteristics of S-Bursts with Linear Drift of Jovian DCM Radio Emission. I. Formation of the Burst  2  166 

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