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Radio Physics and Radio Astronomy
Author Index for Volume 2, 1997

Abranin E.P., Bruk Yu.M., Zakharenko V.V. and Konovalenko A.A. Structure and Parameters of New System of Antenna Amplification of Radio Telescope UTR-2  1  95 

Alekseev E.A. (see Ilyushin V.V.)  3  359 

Arkusha Yu.V., Prokhorov E.D. and Storozhenko I.P. Influence of Temperature on Energy and Frequency Characteristics of mm-Waves Heterocathode Gunn Diodes  2  230 

Baskakov O.I. (see Ilyushin V.V.)  3  359 

Bass F.G. Can Physics Be Constructed Axiomatically?  2  236 

Bazaleev M.I., Evseev I.G., Klepikov V.F., Litvinenko V.V. and Shevchenko M.G. Detectors for Registration of Electron Radiation Fluxes in Near- Earth Space  1  103 

Beletskij N.N. and Gasan E.A. Influence of Depletion Transition Layers on Surface Polaritons in Semiconductor Films  1  35 

Bilchuk V.M. (see Tolubko V.B.)  3  292 

Blank A.Ya. (see Grechko L.G.)  1  19 

Blank A.Ya. (see Grechko L.G.)  1  28 

Bliokh P.V. and Yaroshenko V.V. Nonlinear Waves in Dusty Self-Gravitational Plasma  2  199 

Bloikh P.V. Variations of Electric Fields and Currents in Low Ionosphere Produced by Air Conductivity Growth over Region of Forthcoming Earthquake  2  146 

Boev A.G. and Karvitsky G.E. On Theory of Radar Sea Contrast in Presence of Surface-Active Film. II. Small Incidence Angles  3  288 

Boev A.G. and Karvitsky G.E. On Theory of Radar Sea Contrast in Presence of Surface-Active Film. I. Resonant scattering  3  281 

Boeva A.A. Magnetogasdynamical Radiative Shock Wave in Non-Homogeneous Medium  4  506 

Bondarenko O.V. and Kazanskij V.B. Resonance Selector-Transformer of Guide Waves  1  42 

Boriskina S.V. and Nosich A.I. Numerical Analysis of Surface-Wave Filters Based on a Whispering-Gallery-Mode Dielectric Resonator and a Slitted Metal Cavity  3  333 

Boudjada M.Y. (see Ryabov B.P.)  4  402 

Bratsenko A.I. (see Megn A.V.)  4  385 

Braude S.Ya. and Ostrovskij I.E. Deformed Lobe Structure of Cm and Mm Wavelength Radio Waves Propagating through Surface Ducts over Sea  4  446 

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