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Radio Physics and Radio Astronomy
Author Index for Volume 11, 2006

Koloskov A.V. (see Kagan L.M.)  3  221 

Komrakov G.P. (see Kagan L.M.)  3  221 

Konovalenko A.A. (see Litvinenko G.V.)  4  325 

Konovalenko A.A. (see Ulyanov O.M.)  2  113 

Konovalenko À.À. (see Falkovich I.S.)  1  31 

Kontorovich V.M. The Dice as Applied to Pulsars  3  308 

Kontorovich V.M. The Linear and Nonlinear Waves (Basic Introduction to the Theory with Plasma Physics and Astrophysics Applications). Part II. Stochastic Approach  1 

Kontorovich V.M. (see Bannikova E.Yu.)  1  42 

Kopilovich L.E. Empirical Estimate for the Element Number of a Nonredundant Configuration on a Hexagonal Telescope Aperture  2  155 

Kornienko V.A. (see Kagan L.M.)  3  221 

Kozhyn R.V. (see Vavriv D.M.)  3  276 

Kuzmichev I.K. (see Arkhipov A.V.)  4  378 

Lecacheux A. (see Ulyanov O.M.)  2  113 

Lecacheux A. (see Litvinenko G.V.)  4  325 

Lecacheux À. (see Falkovich I.S.)  1  31 

Litvinenko G.V., Lecacheux U. Modulation Effects on Dynamic Spectra of Sporadic Jovian Decameter Emission  4  325 

Litvinov P.V. (see Boruhovich S.P.)  4  348 

Lizunov G.V. and Fedorenko A.K. Atmospheric Gravity Waves Generation by Solar Terminator According to “Atmosphere Explorer-E” Satellite Data  1  49 

Mayboroda D.V., Pogarsky S.A. and Saprykin I.I. Experimentally Investigated Electromagnetic Wave Propagation and Radiation in a Modified Metal-Dielectric Structure  4  362 

Nechaev O.G. (see Arkhipov A.V.)  4  378 

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