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Author Index for Volume 11, 2006

Eru I.I. Highly Sensitive Infrared Noncoherent Reception Systems (State-of-the-Art and Development Trends)  2  198 

Eru I.I. Matrix Multibeam Reception of Submillimeter and Infrared Electromagnetic Waves (the State-of-the-Art and Trends)  3  298 

Falkovich I.S., Konovalenko À.À., Kalinichenko N.N., Olyak Ì.R., Gridin À.À., Boobnov I.N., Lecacheux H.O. Variations of Parameters of Solar Wind Sream Structure outside 1 AU in 2003-2004  1  31 

Fedorenko A.K. (see Lizunov G.V.)  1  49 

Frolov V.L. (see Kagan L.M.)  3  221 

Galushko V.G. and Kascheev A.S. Frequency-and-Angular Sounding of Traveling Ionospheric Disturbances in the Model of 3D Electron Density Waves Propagating in a Real Ionospheric Layer  3  242 

Galushko V.G. (see Kagan L.M.)  3  221 

Gorobets N.N. and Dakhov V.M. Total and Differential Patterns of Corner Antenna Arrays in All Observation Space  2  176 

Gorobets N.N. and Yeliseyeva N.P. Analysis of Electrodynamic Characteristics of a Vertical Dipole Placed on the Metal Plane with Salient Screen for the Whole Space Observed  1  63 

Gridin À.À. (see Falkovich I.S.)  1  31 

Gurevich A.V. (see Kagan L.M.)  3  221 

Kagan L.M., Nicolls E. Optical and Radio Frequency Diagnostics of the Ionosphere over the Sura Facility: Review of Results  3  221 

Kaliberda M.E. and Pogarsky S.A. Plane Waveguide Eigenwave Diffraction by Periodic Sequence of Transverse Slots  4  355 

Kalinichenko N.N. (see Falkovich I.S.)  1  31 

Kascheev A.S. (see Galushko V.G.)  3  242 

Kasheev S.B. (see Kagan L.M.)  3  221 

Katrich V.A. (see Nesterenko M.V.)  3  264 

Kazanskiy V.B., Tuz V.R. and Khardikov V.V. Cascade of Axial-Symmetric Inhomogeneous Resonators with Impedance Sidewalls  2  159 

Kelley M.C. (see Kagan L.M.)  3  221 

Khardikov V.V. (see Kazanskiy V.B.)  2  159 

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