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Radio Physics and Radio Astronomy
Author Index for Volume 1, 1996

Antjufeev A.V. (see Shulga V.M.)  1  54 

Bakanas R. (see Bass F.G.)  2  224 

Bass F.G. and Bakanas R. Action of Random Force on Gunn Domain  2  224 

Belobrova M.V., Ivanov V.K., Koshel A.N., Ostrovsky I.E. and Fuks I.M. Radio Meteorological Parameters Determining UHF Radio Propagation over Ocean and their Measurement Techniques  2  187 

Bliokh P.B. (see Yampolski Yu.M.)  2  200 

Bliokh P.V. and Yaroshenko V.V. Damping of Low-Frequency Electrostatic Waves in Dusty Plasmas due to Continuous Size Spectrum of Dust Grains  1  25 

Braude S.Ya. and Men’ A.V. Radio Astronomy Researches in Ukraine in Decameter Wave Range  1 

Braude S.Ya., Ivanov V.K., Ostrovsky I.E. and Fuks I.M. VHF Radio Wave Propagation over Sea Surface  2  171 

Falkovich l.S. Polarization of Radiowaves in Ionosphere: Magnetoionic Theory and Quasi-Isotropic Approximation  2  208 

Fal’ko V.L., Khankina S.I. and Yakovenko V.M. Surface Waves in Superlattice and their Excitation by Flow of Charged Particles  1  104 

Fuks I.M. (see Kalmykov A.I.)  1  31 

Fuks I.M. (see Braude S.Ya.)  2  171 

Fuks I.M. (see Belobrova M.V.)  2  187 

Galushko V.G. and Yampolski Yu.M. Near Caustic Fields and Ionospheric Sounding  1  94 

Galushko V.G. (see Yampolski Yu.M.)  2  200 

Gokov A.M. and Tyrnov O.F. Partial Reflection Technique Investigation of Lower Ionosphere’s Response to Strong Remote Earthquakes  2  194 

Ivanov V.K. (see Braude S.Ya.)  2  171 

Ivanov V.K. (see Belobrova M.V.)  2  187 

Kalmykov A.I. and Fuks I.M. Models of Radio Waves Scattering by Bedding Surfaces and Their Using in Radar Remote Sensing Systems  1  31 

Karvitsky G.E. and Prosvirnin S.L. Dielectric Slab Eigen-Wave Diffraction by Periodic Grating of Rectangular Patches pectroscopy  2  237 

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