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Radio Physics and Radio Astronomy Vol. 8, 2003, No.2, June, p.137
Anaysis of Applicability of Isotropic Approximation in a Problem of Frequency-and-Angular Sounding of Ionosphere
V.G. Galushko and G.V. Litvinenko
Institute of Radio Astronomy of NAS of Ukraine, 4 Krasnoznamennaya St., Kharkov 61002 Ukraine, E-mail:
In the present work the Earth’s magnetic field influence on the accuracy of the vertical electron density profile recovering by the frequency-and-angular sounding method (FASI) is investigated. The domain of applicability of an isotropic approximation in the FASI problem as a function of radiopath length and its orientation relatively to the Earth magnetic field vector is estimated. Recommendations for the electron ionospheric density recovering by the FASI method in the isotropic approximation using the frequency-and-angular dependences of the ordinary and extraordinary magnetoionic waves are given. Validity of the obtained results is illustrated by the real experimental data processing.
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