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Radio Physics and Radio Astronomy Vol. 9, 2004, No.2, June, p.221
On the Possibility of Radio Astronomy Aided Recording of Extensive Air Showers
A.D. Filonenko
Восточно-украинский национальный университет, Украина, 91034, г. Луганск, кв. Молодежный, 20-А E-mail:
The possibility of recording extensive air showers with a specifically phased array operating around 50 MHz has been considered. The estimated spectral energy flux of a radio signal from cosmic particles with energies >1015 eV shows the antenna-load signal magnitude for this range of energies to be much more exceeding the root-mean-square amplitude of cosmic noise for the range of 48ё50 MHz. The capacities of radio detecting extensive air showers are also discussed.
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