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Radio Physics and Radio Astronomy Vol. 9, 2004, No.2, June, p.214
Radar Detection of Fish Shoals
O.S. Gavrilenko, O.S. Kurekin, O.Ya. Matvyeyev and V.M. Tsymbal
Центр радиофизического зондирования Земли им. А. И. Калмыкова НАН Украины и НКА Украины, Украина, 310085, г. Харьков, ул. Ак. Проскуры, 12 E-mail:
The results of radar detection of fish shoals are shown. Full-scale testing was carried out in the Barents, the Norwegian and the Northern Seas with the multipurpose radar system MARS from the altitudes of 7000 m (predetection of the anticipated shoal concentration area) and of 100ё200 m (shoal detection in the target area). The fish shoals are shown to be assuredly detected (with the signal contrast of 16ё18.5 dB) in the X-band waves. The observation agrees well with the results shown by expert observers.
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