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Radio Physics and Radio Astronomy Vol. 9, 2004, No.2, June, p.199
Radar Transmitters’ Microprocessor Control System
A.V. Shevchenko, R.V. Kozhin, M.P. Vasilevsky and D.M. Vavriv
Institute of Radio Astronomy of NAS of Ukraine, 4, Krasnoznamennaya St., 61002, Kharkov, Ukraine, E-mail:
The paper shares the experience gained in development and operation of a multipurpose microprocessor-based control system for different radar transmitters. The system uses the ATMEL ATmega128 microcontroller and the ALTERA programmable logic EPM7128-100. The host computer is reached via the RS-232 interface. The control system integration features and related hardware, software, and firmware which support the system desired operation modes are described.
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