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Radio Physics and Radio Astronomy Vol. 9, 2004, No.2, June, p.152
Multiple Scattering Effects in Radar Diagnostics of Extended Random Media
V.G. Bezrodny
Institute of Radio Astronomy of NAS of Ukraine, 4, Krasnoznamennaya St., 61002, Kharkov, Ukraine, E-mail:
Multiple scattering effects in the problem of radar diagnostics of distant regions of extended random media (upper ionosphere, magnetosphere, near space) are estimated. It is determined that the referred effects lead to widening the scatter diagram and decrease of the backscatter cross-section in comparison with the appropriate values calculated in the single scattering approximation. It is shown that neglecting the effect of multiple scattering leads to underestimating the experimental values of the anisotropy factor and intensity of the plasma fluctuations derived from solving the radar diagnostics inverse problem.
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