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Radio Physics and Radio Astronomy Vol. 9, 2004, No.2, June, p.121
On the Possibility of Broadband IPS Observations at Decameter Waves
I.S. Falkovich, N.N. Kalinichenko, A.A. Gridin and I.N. Bubnov
Institute of Radio Astronomy of NAS of Ukraine, 4, Krasnoznamennaya St., 61002, Kharkov, Ukraine, E-mail:,
The frequency correlation of the interplanetary scintillations of the cosmic radio sources has been experimentally investigated in a wide range of decameter wavelengths. The multi-channel correlation radiometer, designed for radio astronomical observations, has been tested by using the laboratory simulator of interplanetary scintillations. The interval of the frequency correlation of scintillations has shown to be more then 10 MHz at the upper part of the HF range. This proves the expediency of using the broadband receivers, which bandpass is commensurable with the band center frequency, for more sensitive observations.
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